Internal Organization

The basic objectives of the World Association of Beet and Cane Growers (WABCG) are:

To contribute to the economic, technical and social progress of beet and cane growers in all member countries. This is done by organizing exchanges of information and ideas on all problems concerning the sugar beet and cane sectors.

To contribute to the strengthening of the professional representation of sugar beet and cane growers in both the international and national fora.

World Conferencee

Every three years, there is a World Sugar Farmers’ Conference. The last one was in Brisbane, Australia, 3-13 July 2007. Over 200 delegates attend these conferences, which are forums for beet and cane growers to take a leadership role in meeting and discussing the challenges and opportunities that face the sugar industry.

WABCG’s association with IFAP provides it with a stronger bargaining position and an international profile from which to negotiate and express the concerns of beet and cane growers worldwide.


All member organizations are represented on the Council, which meets once a year along with the Executive Board (meetings are held in a member country generally in the month of July).

Every November the WABCG also holds a consultation with the International Sugar Organization (ISO) in London, England where grower’s problems are discussed with governmental delegations.

WABCG members meet therefore twice a year.

Executive Board

representatives :

Executive Board 2013-2016

Cane growers
  • Khadija KHALLOUF, Morocco
  • Jurgen WINTER, Germany
  • Jeff WHELAN, United States
  • Alf CRISTAUDO, Australia
  • Manoel Carlos AZEVEDO ORTOLAN, Brazil
  • George MLINGWA, Tanzania
  Président :
Roy SHARMA, South Africa
  Vice-présidents :  
  William MARTIN, United Kingdom
Jorn DALBY, Denmark
Kallappa B. AWADE, India
Substitutes   Substitutes
  • Jean-Pierre DUBRAY, France
  • Masamitsu ITO, Japan
  • Recep KONUK, Turkey
  • Wilfred CHAKANIKA, Malawi
  • Carlos BLACKALLER, Mexico